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Brand: Palette Vaporworks Model: 365-PV02
For all of you who are looking for your daily e-liquid, the excellent All Day 365 Flavor Shot 60ml has arrived. Its smoky aroma from selected chopped tobacco combines very harmoniously with caramel and vanilla, giving the well-known characteristic aroma Ry4 a classic recipe that has become an instit..
Brand: Palette Vaporworks Model: 365-PV04
A smoke that comes for all of you who are looking for the hue of a conventional cigarette, especially in the first hours of the day, this promises the Morning Puff 365 Flavor Shot 60ml. Absolutely smoky aroma from fine tobacco will accompany you all day with its relaxing aroma...
Brand: Palette Vaporworks Model: 365-PV03
Perhaps the most classic tobacco scent on the market with unique sweet spicy touches is the Nightly 365 Flavor Shot 60ml. The popular with other names like maxx blend now comes in a great selection with fine American tobacco and small notes of honey that give it an incredible hue...
Brand: Palette Vaporworks Model: 365-PV01
One of the favorite scents with the smoky elements of blonde tobacco leaves dominating. The Roll It Up 365 Flavor Shot 60ml from Palette vaporworks will give you the whole hue of a twisted smoke with a strong virginia smoky scent and perfect balance to be a daily liquid for you...
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