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Brand: Aeon Model: aeonsign01
Alchemist is a smoky aroma with notes of mint and chocolate a cool sweet aroma The fantastic Alchemist Aeon Journey Signature flavor shot 120ml combines an exquisite variety of tobacco with notes of mint and Belgian Bitter chocolate...
Brand: Aeon Model: aeonbloss120
The most faithful taste of cool cherries that you have tasted comes with the amazing Blossom Aeon Shake 120ml flavor shot. Really incredible taste and feeling with the juicy cherry dominating an excellent proposal from Aeon and the series of shakes...
Brand: Aeon Model: aeon_coco120
A recipe from Croatia's top Ivana that you will surely love for its fidelity and balance. The fantastic Coco By Ivana Aeon Journey Signature 120ml flavor shot incredibly ties a coconut cake with whipped cream and white chocolate and at the end a cookie and grated coconut...
Brand: Aeon Model: cohiba_aeon
Cohiba differs from any other similar in its class. The excellent smoky aroma of Cohiba Aeon Discovery 120ml flavor shot will give you a faithful hint of cohiba type cigars with light spicy notes and a sweetness on the exhale that fantastically balances the smoke with the earthy aromas...
Brand: Aeon Model: aeon_envy120
Amazing taste, unique feeling and enjoyable cool hue, the unique Envy Aeon Shake 120ml flavor shot. Juicy fresh grapes along with mint and other mentos candies that make the variety will shock you from the first contact with it. Great taste...
Brand: Aeon Model: frcider_aeon
One and only the brand new smoke of this series through the French Cider Aeon Journey Signature 120ml flavor shot. Cider from selected varieties of apples and fine pipe smoke will take you to another era Fantastic all day smoky with special notes...
Brand: Aeon Model: kikicream_aeon120
A recipe that became a reality in 2015 by 2 experienced chefs and comes to you through the Kiki Cream Aeon Journey Signature 120ml flavor shot. Fantastic Belgian chocolate blends with cream and pistachio and caramel notes creating an incredible tasty result that you should try...
Brand: Aeon Model: killerqueen_aeon120
One of the most famous perfumes with a wonderful cool feeling that you should try. The new Killer Queen Aeon Shake 120ml flavor shot will give you a rich taste of juicy selected forest fruits and a feeling of ice and anise that takes off the whole delicious whole...
Brand: Aeon Model: Aeon_lotus
A new offer from the Aeon Shake series has just arrived in our online store. The excellent Lotus Aeon Shake 120ml flavor shot is a cool homemade lemonade together with cactus juice giving an enjoyable special taste...
Brand: Aeon Model: mediev_aeon
From Croatia and the distant Middle Ages you will enjoy a fantastic dessert through the Medieval Pie Aeon Journey Signature 120ml flavor shot. Rich taste of apple pie without the addition of cinnamon and icing that is definitely something unique and special...
Brand: Aeon Model: aeon_oddity
Tested before production by the facebook group ("Vaperska vkvadra" Fb community) in Croatia, the Oddity Aeon Shake 120ml flavor shot comes to surprise you. Rich taste of peanut butter and cream together with ripe bananas will give you this wonderful tasty proposal...
Brand: Aeon Model: panda_aeon
A very tasty and probably one of the best if not the best milkshake you have ever tried. The fantastic Panda Tears Aeon Journey Signature 120ml flavor shot is a taste of fresh blueberries along with a delicious cream that has been beaten just right, giving one of the best choices...
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