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Brand: After-8 Model: 012005-after
This is a real all day smoky with a neutral tinge completely relaxed. The excellent Pure After-8 Flavor Shot 60ml is an excellent quality variety of Greek blonde tobacco with a neutral earthy aroma that really gives a unique pleasure...
Brand: After-8 Model: 022005-after
A very cool and enjoyable yet well-known in the steaming community comes in Red Ice After-8 Flavor Shot 60ml. Rich taste and aroma of strawberries and pomegranate together with touches of menthol compose this aroma that was so loved by all of you...
Brand: After-8 Model: 032005-after
Smoke is a well-known scent in the oldest steamers and continues its great course With the Smoke After-8 Flavor Shot 60ml with an excellent blend of tobacco beautifully tied with nuts and other small secret touches that make it so special...
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