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American Stars

Brand: Flavourtec Model: amstars-01
Through the fantastic Berry's Mix American Stars you will enjoy an incredible taste of various fruits of the forest with the dominant element being berries and blueberries as well as cherries. The excellent Berry's Mix American Stars flavor shot 60ml comes to give you one of the most favorite flavor..
Brand: Flavourtec Model: amstars-02
Unique taste cool feeling and rich aroma of blackberries and strawberries through Blue Magic American Stars Flavor Shot 60ml which combines light notes of strawberry mint and blackberries in a unique way Enjoy it...
Brand: Flavourtec Model: amstars-03
It is one of the most popular tobacco perfumes on the market. Easy Rider American Stars Flavor Shot 60ml consists of a mixture of American Blend tobaccos with notes of nuts that give a unique finish of taste and fantastic aroma...
Brand: Flavourtec Model: amstars-04
Delicious fluffy cake in a unique combination through Glazed Berry Biscuit American Stars Flavor Shot 60ml. Enjoy a cake with creamy almond sauce and delicious fresh berries will give an incredible taste feast...
Brand: Flavourtec Model: amstars-05
With a definitely different taste than any other, the brand new Honey Hornet American stars Flavor Shot 60ml will give you a mix of honey with cereals and nuts and finally fantastic banana. An all day shake and vape for demanding taste buds...
Brand: Flavourtec Model: amstars-08
With a great taste, the Nutty Buddy Cookie American Stars Flavor Shot 60ml remains a constant value for those who like cookies. Fantastic sensation of fresh biscuit and vanilla and chocolate notes will overwhelm you...
Brand: Flavourtec Model: amstars-06
You loved it and you asked for it, the fantastic R2Y2 American Stars Flavor Shot 60ml is here for you. With fine tobacco leaves and small sweet notes of caramel and vanilla it will give you the fantastic R2y2 smoky aroma with a distinct nuance and absolutely relaxing...
Brand: Flavourtec Model: amstars-07
The ideal tobacco for the whole day, absolutely restful and balanced. Red Indiana American Stars Flavor Shot 60ml consists of selected American tobacco leaves from hot places near the desert that give a distinct tobacco aroma..
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