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Brand: Sony Model: sonyvtc6
For maximum autonomy in your device you will find in our store the Battery 18650 Sony Konion VTC6 3120mah 30A with tremendous quality and very high discharge and power and a very large charge cycle. This is one of the most common batteries in mod devices...
Brand: Samsung Model: Batt2170040TS
With its high quality and large charging cycle, the 21700 Samsung 40T 4000mah 30A Battery has managed to become one of the most beloved by evaporators. Great autonomy capable of hard use and working marginally will give you the maximum of your device...
Brand: Efest Model: efest-18650
Battery for demanding mod devices with long discharge and long life and excellent build quality. The Efest 18650 IMR 3000mah 35A battery has stability and a very long charge cycle while it has a direct discharge current of 20A and a pulsed discharge current of 35A. Excellent battery 18650 excellent ..
Brand: Samsung Model: 18650inr30q
We have chosen another big Brand and we give you the reliable choice of the Samsung INR 18650 30Q 3000mah Battery with tremendous autonomy, stability and a large charge cycle. You will find it in our online store at an unbeatable price and mainly authentic compared to other cheap imitations that exi..
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