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Bombo Golden Era

Brand: Bombo Model: 06_bombo
With the dominance of strawberry and a velvety feeling, this exceptional premium longfill excites immediately. The rich aroma of Afrodita Bombo Golden Era flavor shot 60ml binds the gooseberry syrup together with an earthy bouquet of aromas and there the strawberry binds with the amazing discreet ca..
Brand: Bombo Model: 05_bombo
A magical taste comes through the premium longfill this amazing Atenea Bombo Golden Era flavor shot 60ml. Rich fruity selection with notes of cotton wool give another dimension to Atenea. Red apple grape notes of mint and cotton wool will fascinate you...
Brand: Bombo Model: 04_bombo
One of the best creams out there just arrived at our store. The longfill Nirvana Bombo Golden Era flavor shot 60ml has an incredible cream with light woody aged notes and toasted Catalan cream which create a nirvana of taste and enjoyment...
Brand: Bombo Model: 03_bombo
The fifth award-winning liquid in the series is a truly unique experience. The Pandora Bombo Golden Era flavor shot 60ml perfectly binds the blonde tobacco with Madagascar vanilla caramelized sugar butter and a dose of icing. Absolute balance incredible flavor aroma and extremely..
Brand: Bombo Model: 02_bombo
With incredible balance in flavors and aromas and giving a magical ensemble the Vorona Bombo Golden Era flavor shot 60ml. A rich mix of chocolate poplar praline with hazelnut and cocoa and small notes of coffee with Baileys cream will give you an incredible set that exceeds all expectations...
Brand: Bombo Model: 01_bombo
A very premium smoky aroma with very fine and balanced touches. Try the Vulcania Bombo Golden Era flavor shot 60ml. A taste of an exquisite blend of superior quality blonde tobacco along with caramel and vanilla and a corn biscuit that binds with secretly seasoned ingredients giving a truly incredib..
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