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Brand: Scandal Flavors Model: brgt-01
The brand new BRGT series from scandal gives you to try a cool proposal the excellent Fizzy Lemonade BRGT Flavor Shot. Rich taste of summer soft drink with a mixture of Freshly squeezed lemons along with aromatic lime. Rich taste and aroma which comes in packages of 60ml or 120ml...
Brand: Scandal Flavors Model: brgt-02
Rich pear flavor blends so harmoniously with the frozen tropical mango in the brand new Pear & Mango BRGT Flavor shot from the scandal. Unique cool aroma with excellent taste and aroma which you can find in packages of 60ml and 120ml...
Brand: Scandal Flavors Model: brgt-03
With rich taste and aroma, the new Sorbet Strawberry BRGT Flavor shot comes to cool you down with an iced strawberry sorbet with a special aftertaste and hue on your palate. You can find Sorbet Strawberry BRGT in a package of 60ml and 120ml...
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