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Brand: Aspire Model: pb-vilter1600
A very smart choice for you and the vilter & vilter s devices is the new carrying case which charges your device at the same time. The excellent Aspire PB Power Bank PCC Vilter has a 1600mah battery and is a powerful charging device for your favorite pod with the ability to charge up to 3.5 time..
Brand: Efest Model: fort-proc2
Charge the batteries of your mod devices or your lenses safely and with maximum dynamics with the reliable choice of the Charger Efest Pro C2 an excellent choice. With 2 independent slots and an independent charge indicator on your batteries, it is the ideal choice for types 18350/18650/20700/21700 ..
Charger Ovale 220v USB 5V/0.5A
-60 %
Brand: Ovale Model: ovale-charg220
The genuine Ovale charger is now available on offer, ideal for charging pod devices and starter kits with batteries up to 1500mah. The Ovale 220v Usb 5V / 0.5A adapter wall charger is a great choice to charge your favorite device safely and perfectly...
4.00€ 10.00€
Charger XTAR MC2S Charger XTAR MC2S
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Brand: Xtar Model: Mc2s_xtar
Probably the best choice for safe charging and the maximum duration and charge cycle of your batteries. The XTAR MC2S Charger is the ideal choice at an incredible price for you to have fast charging. It has an LED notification for charging and accepts via micro usb 5v / 1A.Suitable for charging the ..
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