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Core Dinner Lady

Brand: Dinner Lady Model: core-01
With a rich taste of red and pink sweet grapes with minimal acidity, the brand new Dinner Lady Core Grape Vine 60ml flavor shot will become your favorite choice Excellent taste very rich aroma that will really enchant you...
Brand: Dinner Lady Model: core-02
The fantastic refreshing taste of iced lemonade and melon that you will instantly love. The excellent Dinner Lady Core Honeydew Melonade 60ml flavor shot is one of the best cool options with a very beautiful aroma and rich taste..
Brand: Dinner Lady Model: core-03
With beautiful and beautiful freshness of sour red berries and homemade lemonade together with ice, the new Dinner Lady Core Pink Lemonade 60ml flavor shot is an amazing choice with an incredible taste and strong aroma that captivates...
Brand: Dinner Lady Model: core-04
Amazing combination with a very rich result comes through Dinner Lady Core Strawberry Apple 60ml flavor shot. Rich mix of juicy strawberries and a combination of green and red apple give their best through this new proposal...
Brand: Dinner Lady Model: core-05
With a tropical mood and a strong aroma with a rich taste, the fantastic Dinner Lady Core Tropic Mango Chill 60ml flavor shot combines fresh juicy mango with frozen elements, making it one of the most popular fragrances in the series...
Brand: Dinner Lady Model: core-06
Tasty tropical fruits with a combination of citrus and not just the fantastic Dinner Lady Core Tropic Thunder 60ml flavor shot immediately stands out. Pineapple mango and passion fruit and guava combine fantastically with green apple and various other citrus fruits giving an incredible taste result...
Brand: Dinner Lady Model: core-07
Rich fluffy vanilla custard cream that you will surely love and stand out. The new Dinner Lady Core Vanilla Custard 60ml flavor shot will give you one of the best vanilla custard creams you've tried with an excellent taste and aroma..
Brand: Dinner Lady Model: core-08
Fantastic tobacco tied beautifully with sweet vanilla that makes it special Dinner Lady Core Vanilla Tobacco 60ml flavor shot comes for you who are looking for an all-day tobacco aroma that is not tiring and has a pleasant aftertaste in the variety of tobacco it has...
Brand: Dinner Lady Model: core-09
Amazing combination with a taste and a very rich aroma that you loved from the first day The fantastic Dinner Lady Core Watermelon Chill 60ml flavor shot combines watermelon with a sweet cantaloupe melon and crushed ice giving a fantastic taste temptation with waves of coolness...
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