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Brand: DashVapes Model: unsalted-06
Enjoy a magical yet cool taste that definitely stands out through the Banana Ice Unsalted 60ml flavor shot by Dashvapes. Rich banana flavor blends beautifully with the ice creating a fantastic choice for all of you...
Brand: DashVapes Model: unsalted-01
One of the flavors that was loved from the first moment and is an inspiration of Matt of Suck My Mods. The fantastic Blueberry Morning Unsalted 60ml flavor shot longfill combines with great success the taste of a bowl of cereals and blueberries, giving you a breakfast with high flavor intensity and ..
Brand: DashVapes Model: unsalted-02
With strong elements of ice and with perfect balance with the sweet orange, the excellent Cool Citrus Unsalted 60ml flavor shot longfill from Dashvapes and a recipe made by Dimitri the Vaping Greek. Excellent taste of orange with all its sweet taste and menthol will excite others and will pleasantly..
Brand: DashVapes Model: unsalted-05
The beautiful icy taste of pineapple and mango will win you over immediately as well as its perfect balance. The fantastic Mango Pineapple Ice Unsalted 60ml flavor shot has just arrived in our online store and invites you to enjoy it...
Brand: DashVapes Model: unsalted-03
Inspired by the popular Phil Busardo, the fantastic Watermelon Peach Unsalted 60ml longfill flavor shot by Dashvapes comes to give you a unique harmony between the juicy peach and the watermelon heart, giving a unique final taste that will surely win you over...
Brand: DashVapes Model: unsalted-04
Fresh watermelon and ice combined with juicy cool peaches in perfect harmony come to Watermelon Peach Ice Unsalted 60ml flavor shot longfill. Fantastic taste of peach and watermelon in ice that stand out...
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