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Brand: Drop Model: drop-06fs
Excellent cool taste from a combination that will drive you crazy with its taste and aroma. The new amazing Blueberry Raspberry Ice Drop Flavor Shot 120ml is a mixture of various blueberries and blueberries and with its dominant Raspberry and icy feeling it gives an enjoyable flavor..
Brand: Drop Model: drop-04fs
The juicy cherries tie incredibly together with the various berries through the Cherry Mixed Berry Drop Flavor Shot 120ml. Rich taste and incredible aroma of forest fruits together with cherries give this magical result that will surely be established in the market and you should try it...
Brand: Drop Model: drop-01fs
Full of rich flavor and wonderful aroma of a tropical soft drink that is definitely different from any other Citrus Lychee Ice Drop Flavor Shot 120ml is a combination of exotic Lychee and various sweet citrus fruits along with a cool icy light feeling. Fantastic special combination...
Brand: Drop Model: drop-05fs
A flavor that will become your favorite habit and combines tropical flavors with orange. The fantastic Grapefruit Blood Orange Drop Flavor Shot 120ml incredibly ties the orange together with an exotic aroma of grapefruit giving a refreshing taste with very pleasant notes...
Brand: Drop Model: drop-02fs
A magical taste from an incredible combination with excellent harmony and balance. The new Passionfruit Mango Pineapple Drop Flavor Shot 120ml has an explosively rich flavor of passion fruit along with juicy mango and amazing pineapple that combines all the aromas giving this wonderful taste that wi..
Brand: Drop Model: drop-03fs
The rich taste and the amazing aroma will make you love it from the first moment The amazing Strawberry Watermelon Kiwi Drop Flavor Shot 120ml blends incredibly juicy strawberries with watermelon and kiwi giving one of the best kanzee style aromas out there...
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