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Brand: Eleven Liquids Model: elv-gun01
A variation that changes the data in ry type ry type with the amazing Bullet Gunshot Flavor Shot 60ml of eleven liquids you will enjoy an excellent blend of tobacco that tied incredibly with a vanilla cream giving a smoky that exceeded all expectations...
Brand: Eleven Liquids Model: elv-gun02
Incredible strawberry flavor with a unique vanilla cream comes in Django Gunshot Flavor Shot 60ml. Excellent taste with intensity and full profile that balances the flavors and aromas of strawberry with this amazing cream...
Brand: Eleven Liquids Model: gambler-01120
One of your favorite recipes now comes in a unique execution by Eleven Liquids through the Lemon Tart Gambler in a 120ml Flavor Shot package. Fantastic rich lemon tart that you will really love for its dough and the aftertaste it leaves since it is something exceptional in taste, aroma and hue that ..
Brand: Eleven Liquids Model: gambler-02120
Its amazingly loyal taste and aroma make the Milkshake Strawberry Gambler 120ml flavor shot a favorite choice of this series from the first moment. Rich delicious cream and juicy strawberries give a great result that is definitely a must try...
Brand: Eleven Liquids Model: gambler-04120
The brand new taste from the Gambler series has just arrived in our store, try the NRG Gambler 120ml flavor shot by eleven liquids. Rich taste and aroma of energy drink together with a combination of pomegranate and exotic fruits will give you a fantastic taste..
Brand: Eleven Liquids Model: gambler-03120
One of the flavors that fascinates for their beautiful aroma and their balanced taste. Putting Banana Gambler 120ml flavor shot is an excellent taste with a combination of Macedonian cream together with cookies and banana giving a unique result...
Brand: Eleven Liquids Model: elv-gun03
A cool and very beautiful taste that you will definitely notice is the Revolver Gunshot Flavor Shot 60ml. Fascinating taste of exotic mango and pineapple fruits along with menthol that gives it a very balanced icy feel...
Brand: Eleven Liquids Model: gambler-05120
Delicious vanilla pudding with sticky rice and sweet cinnamon will awaken your childhood memories through the Rice Pudding Gambler 120ml flavor shot. Incredible taste and wonderful aroma with an excellent complexion that you will love...
Brand: Eleven Liquids Model: elv-gun04
An exciting recipe with unique special flavors that give an incredible result through the Saloon Gunshot Flavor Shot 60ml which combines very nicely aged Bourbon with vanilla nuts and exotic coconut...
Brand: Eleven Liquids Model: elv-gun05
Full of rich flavor and amazing aroma through the amazing Texas Gunshot Flavor Shot 60ml a combination of unique banana cream that ties incredibly with the exotic Dragonfruit is waiting for you to enjoy them through the Texas gunshot of eleven liquids...
Brand: Eleven Liquids Model: elv-gun06
With a beautiful taste of kiwi and watermelon, the beloved Whip Gunshot Flavor Shot 60ml, adored for a very large audience, has stood out for its rich taste and aroma, as well as the excellent balance in the flavors of watermelon and kiwi. Try it...
Brand: Eleven Liquids Model: elv-gun07
With carefully selected aromas, the fantastic Wild West Gunshot Flavor Shot 60ml is an excellent choice for a relaxing all day smoky aroma which blends the caramel with nuts very harmoniously and an excellent mixture of tobacco Enjoy it...
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