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Ecig 10ml

Brand: Ecig Model: white-01label
A combination of flavors that you will not find anywhere else Try the Refill Liquid 20's Ecig E-liquids White Label 10ml with a complex taste and aroma of musk grape and strawberries and other forest fruits & raspberry Blackberry and all together tied with hazelnut caramel and careful touches of..
Brand: Ecig Model: white-02label
The new Refill Liquid 80's Ecig E-liquids White Label 10ml combines small doses of whiskey and almond with coconut and rich vanilla bourbon and vanilla cream and finally sugar giving an amazing e-liquid ideal for the whole day...
Brand: Ecig Model: white-03label
Incredible e-liquids unique balance. The new Irish Ecig E-liquids White Label 10ml Refill liquid very cleverly combines fine coffee with vanilla cream and biscuit and binds them with chocolate and vanilla bourbon and at the end notes of cinnamon. Try it...
Brand: Ecig Model: white-04label
Rich taste of excellent vanilla and caramel through the fantastic Refill Liquid Perfect Ecig E-liquids White Label 10ml in which in addition to the generous doses of vanilla and caramel you will have a combination of fresh crunchy biscuit and coconut notes. Try it...
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