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Eliquid France

Brand: Eliquid France Model: elfrance-01
An incredible smoky aroma with great taste Try the mix n vape Famous Eliquid France Flavor Shot 70ml with delicious tobacco roasted nuts and vanilla biscuit which give a special touch to this wonderful aroma...
Brand: Eliquid France Model: elfrance-05
Rich taste and new proposal from the leading French company of high quality. Major Eliquid France flavor shot 70ml is a unique taste of sweet cereals with very tasty cookies and fantastic vanilla and smoky notes that give an irresistible hue...
Brand: Eliquid France Model: elfrance-06
Brand new longfill fragrance and definitely an enjoyable combination that you should try. Player Eliquid France Flavor shot 70ml is a variety of blonde tobacco with macadamia and brown sugar nuts and old rum with vanilla notes. Try it...
Brand: Eliquid France Model: elfrance-03
Definitely the best seller of the series. Try the Relax Eliquid France Flavor Shot 70ml, a mix n vape with an incredible combination of biscuit and vanilla tied with delicious coffee and a soft smoky base, giving a unique aroma with a wonderful taste...
Brand: Eliquid France Model: elfrance-04
Now in a mix n vape 70ml package the fantastic Supreme Eliquid France Flavor Shot. Unique aroma of biscuit and vanilla and coconut tied with a smoky base that gives a unique taste effect and rich aroma...
Brand: Eliquid France Model: elfrance-02
It will drive even the most demanding palate crazy. The fantastic Chopin Eliquid France Flavor Shot 60ml harmoniously combines a light mixture of smoke and ties with banana vanilla cookies and other small details that make it the special chopin you love...
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