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Five Pawns

Brand: Five Pawns Model: FP-240501
It comes to us from California, USA and it is a premium flavor that has been loved by Black Flag Risen Five Pawns 60ml. A flavor shot Longfill with aromas of cappuccino coffee and a fine variety of virginia tobacco that have tied very nicely giving an incredible result...
Brand: Five Pawns Model: FP-240502
It was and still is a protagonist in premium perfumes, it was what changed the market and of course it is the Castle Long Five Pawns flavor shot 60ml. With aromas and flavors of Rich mix from Kentucky Bourbon with roasted almond and notes of roasted coconut and tied with Madagascar vanilla is a uniq..
Brand: Five Pawns Model: FP-240503
The brand new Gambit comes to give you a delicious taste of vanilla ice cream and caramel along with fine Smith green apples. Gambit Five Pawns flavor shot 60ml is a wonderful selection of flavors with rich premium aroma and exciting texture...
Brand: Five Pawns Model: FP-240504
A flavor that has played a big role in the evolution of the eliquids is the famous Grandmaster Five Pawns flavor shot 60ml. With a rich aroma, wonderful taste and hue from a unique rich banana cream, velvety caramel and nuts tied with peanut butter notes, it will become your favorite choice...
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