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Genesis Lab

Brand: Genesis Lab Model: 01-memories
Caramel Memories is different from any other candy on the market as it is a composite flavor. The new Caramel Memories Flavor Shot 60ml combines sweet cream with French caramel and incredible butter caramel giving an incredibly full sweet taste...
Brand: Genesis Lab Model: 02-memories
Through the version of Genesis Lab and lemon tart you will enjoy a wonderful lemon cake with incredible aroma The amazing Lemon Tart Memories Flavor Shot 60ml will give you a very tasty lemon cake with a unique aroma relaxing and wonderful throughout the day...
Brand: Genesis Lab Model: 03-memories
A very tight Ry4 tobacco from the Memories series of Genesis Lab with separate elements for all day vaping. The unique RY4 Tobacco Memories Flavor Shot 60ml binds the twisted cigarette smoke together with melted caramel and nuts as well as a vanilla note giving one of the most famous e-liquid smoky ..
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