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Gusto Omerta

Brand: Omerta Model: gusto-07180522
Delicious banana smoothie together with strawberries that will drive you crazy come through the fantastic Banana Strawberry Smoothie Gusto Omerta flavor shot 60ml. Cool banana and strawberry smoothie are waiting for you to taste them through this brand new proposal...
Brand: Omerta Model: gusto-04180522
Faithful to other flavors and with an absolutely successful recipe of another era, the fantastic Butter Cookie Gusto Omerta flavor shot 60ml will give you an exquisite taste of butter cookies. Incredible aroma, excellent complexion without getting tired and perhaps the most faithful taste you have e..
Brand: Omerta Model: gusto-05180522
Are you looking for a pleasant taste in your daily life without getting tired? The new Cool Strawberry Lemonade Gusto Omerta flavor shot 60ml has arrived. Rich delicious lemonade that will just cool you down along with crimson juicy strawberries that give an incredible taste and aroma and invite you..
Brand: Omerta Model: gusto-01170522
Chewing gum with beautiful fruity flavors and a special grape aroma. Try the Fruity Bubble Gum Gusto Omerta flavor shot 60ml. With an incredible tasty bubble gum from special fruity options and an amazing grape...
Brand: Omerta Model: gusto-02170522
With oriental aromas and flavors, the fantastic brand new Shisha Double Apple Gusto Omerta flavor shot 60ml came for you hookah lovers. Premium taste of red and green apple with notes of tobacco are waiting for you to taste a truly faithful taste...
Brand: Omerta Model: gusto-03180522
Fantastic taste with summer mood and one of the favorite flavors through the new Vanilla Ice Cream Gusto Omerta flavor shot 60ml. Full of vanilla flavor through two rich ice cream balls of another era that combine unique taste and aroma...
Brand: Omerta Model: gusto-06180522
A bowl of icy flavors of watermelon and strawberry sorbet are waiting for you to enjoy them through the delicious Watermelon Mix Ice Sorbet Gusto Omerta flavor shot 60ml. Rich taste and extremely cool aftertaste that will surely become your favorite choice...
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