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Brand: Halo Model: USH-01
A smoking station in the vaporizing community with a great course all these years The fantastic Longhorn Halo 60ml Flavor Shot consists of tobacco leaves that have been specially treated in a fire and are tied together with aromas of Corojo and Cavendish cigars. Rich excellent smoky aroma with beaut..
Brand: Halo Model: USH-02
Triple icy feeling of coolness from rich menthol comes through the fantastic SubZero Halo 60ml flavor shot. Fantastic icy mint flavor that definitely stands out from any other similar awaits you at SubZero a Premium Longfill...
Brand: Halo Model: USH-04
A smoky scent that many continue after so many years trying to copy. But the Tribeca Halo 60ml flavor shot continues to stand out for the beautiful tobacco aroma that has other and very attractive details of nuts, vanilla and caramel that make it one of the most famous tobacco on the market...
Brand: Halo Model: USH-03
A famous blend of oriental tobacco comes through the great Turkish Tobacco Halo 60ml flavor shot. Now you too can try this wonderful blend of tobacco with the special hue that definitely makes it special. Enjoy Turkish tobacco an all day smoky aroma that is definitely a station in the steam...
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