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Brand: Hydra Model: 01fs-hydra
Unique delicious combination from the new Chimera Hydra Flavor Shot 60ml with amazing taste of peanut butter and vanilla aroma along with juicy strawberries and vanilla cream pudding. A strong taste for demanding steamers...
Brand: Hydra Model: 02fs-hydra
Try a fantastic choice the new Echidna Hydra Flavor Shot 60ml with a combination of lemon peel and lime and anise along with exotic coconut and gives an incredible feeling and fantastic aroma...
Brand: Hydra Model: 03fs-hydra
With a unique combination of roasted hazelnuts, Kerberos Hydra Flavor Shot 60ml will give you an incredibly tasty combination with wonderful notes. Roasted hazelnuts, caramel crusts and amazing vanilla give the final delicious feast of kerberos...
Brand: Hydra Model: 04fs-hydra
With exotic coconut and fantastic vanilla, the new Lernea Hydra Flavor Shot 60ml will give you an incredible feeling. Try lernea a fragrance combined with coconut and Kentucky Bourbon from aged oak barrels along with vanilla and brown sugar Simply unique...
Brand: Hydra Model: 05fs-hydra
Incredible sweet candied marshmallows through the new Orgasmus Hydra Flavor Shot 60ml with a combination of juicy strawberries and ripe kiwis giving an incredible sweet and sour boost that will pleasantly surprise you...
Brand: Hydra Model: 06fs-hydra
Through the new proposals brought by the company Hydra, the fantastic Sphinx Hydra Flavor Shot 60ml succeeds and stands out. A combination of vanilla cream together with butter creams and other pecans and caramel that give a fantastic dessert very familiar to your palate. Try it now and you...
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