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Eliquid France 10ml

Brand: Eliquid France Model: elfrance-10ml01
Nuts vanilla notes and fresh biscuit together with fine tobacco through the Eliquid France Famous 10ml refill Liquid, a fantastic semi-smoky choice that will win over even the most demanding vaporizer. Relaxing all day e-liquid...
Brand: Eliquid France Model: elfrance-10ml02
Fine tobacco blend is beautifully entangled through Eliquid France Relax 10ml Refill Liquid which will give you a vanilla cookie along with a fantastic variety of coffee and fine tobacco blend Enjoy one of the best semi smoky refill liquids...
Brand: Eliquid France Model: elfrance-10ml03
One of the best premium e-liquids ready on the market. Eliquid France Supreme 10ml Refill Liquid combines with a unique composition the cookie, vanilla and coconut and tobacco notes, giving an incredible result that you must try...
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