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Vapenova Mix

Brand: Vapenova Model: nova-130702
The very carefully selected variety of east and west smokes make Wizard Vapenova Flavor Shot 60ml a tobacco choice with a wonderful combination that does not stop at the fine tobacco leaves but continues with the addition of maple and butterscotch...
Brand: Vapenova Model: nova-012406
Are you looking for a smoky scent with special notes and touches for all-day vaping? Try the Famous Vapenova Flavor Shot 60ml & 120ml with a variety of high quality blonde tobacco and combined with other nuts and biscuits with vanilla giving an irresistible taste and hue...
Brand: Vapenova Model: nova-062406
Delicious peaches along with ice and mango is the brand new proposal through the excellent Iced Peach Vapenova Flavor Shot that really stands out in its category. True taste of frozen peach but also where it should sit and mango with perfect balance along with the ice..
Brand: Vapenova Model: nova-130701
A very favorite fragrance with a fanatic audience and an incredible recipe of Pythagoras which you will get to know through Mafia Vapenova Flavor Shot 60ml and you will love it. Rich creamy vanilla and fantastic butter and granulated sugar cookie and light cinnamon notes on the finish. Incredible ta..
Brand: Vapenova Model: nova-052406
This is a taste that you will definitely love and it stands out, after all it is already a best seller. Railroad Vapenova Flavor Shot 60ml is a feast of taste that harmoniously ties the cookie with sugar grains and butter caramel and with a filling of delicious vanilla cream...
Brand: Vapenova Model: nova-042406
Rebekka a smoky that has won over a large audience and is one of the most successful perfumes in the series. The new Rebekka Vapenova Flavor Shot 60ml now available online through our store. Rich smoky blend of blonde tobacco with Mexican vanilla and French caramel. A fantastic smoky scent...
Brand: Vapenova Model: nova-022406
One of the most popular smoky perfumes with incredible touches. Relaxation Vapenova Flavor Shot 60ml & 120ml has one of the best varieties of blonde tobacco tied together with a fine brown biscuit and vanilla and small notes of nuts. Simply unique...
Brand: Vapenova Model: nova-070722
Nuts and caramels with fantastic vanilla and an excellent blend of tobaccos come together in Soho Vapenova Flavor Shot which you will find in 60ml and 120ml packages. Amazing smoky aroma with beautiful combinations of tobacco with nuts and a beautiful aftertaste of caramel and vanilla...
Brand: Vapenova Model: nova-072406
Rich strawberry and lemonade flavors that come in perfect harmony with the addition of blueberries make the Strawberry Lemonade Vapenova Flavor Shot a magical flavor with a very beautiful freshness at the end and we would definitely suggest you to try it...
Brand: Vapenova Model: nova-032406
It is one of the best and most distinctive smoky perfumes on the market. The new Superior Vapenova Flavor Shot 60ml & 120ml will drive you crazy with its unique complexion and the aftertaste on its exhalation. With a combination of blonde biscuit vanilla tobacco and exotic coconut that gives the..
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