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Brand: IVG Model: 02beyond
The fantastic Berry Melonade Blitz is one of the fullest flavors you will try. The new Beyond IVG Berry Melonade Blitz 30 / 100ml flavor shot longfill will excite you with the cool lemonade that gives an exciting balance between watermelon and gooseberry and there gives a slight acidity the lemon ze..
Brand: IVG Model: 03beyond
An enjoyable blend of apple varieties in the Cherry Apple Crush blends incredibly with cherries in this wonderful fragrance The Beyond IVG Cherry Apple Crush 30 / 100ml flavor shot longfill is definitely one of the best flavors out there A rich blend of green and red apple varieties blend in with th..
Brand: IVG Model: 06beyond
Dragonberry Blend is a special flavor from the new IVG Beyond series with premium flavor and aroma The Beyond IVG Dragonberry Blend 30 / 100ml longfill flavor shot is an exciting mix of Dragonfruits (dragon fruit) along with strawberry raspberries and gooseberry that gives its final rich taste and i..
Brand: IVG Model: 05beyond
Kiwi berries and exotic passion fruit blend harmoniously into the Kiwi Passion Kick with amazing taste and aroma The new Beyond IVG Kiwi Passion Kick 30 / 100ml flavor shot longfill uniquely blends the berries with the kiwi and in combination with a cool summertime feeling balancing with each other ..
Brand: IVG Model: 01beyond
A very rich flavor awaits you through Mangoberry Magic which, as its name suggests, will enchant your palate. With the Beyond IVG Mangoberry Magic 30 / 100ml flavor shot longfill you will have a mixture of mango and a fantastic combination of melon while the whole binds the juice from sweet strawber..
Brand: IVG Model: 04beyond
Sour Melon Surge will enchant you with its cool melon flesh and watermelon, as well as the frozen icy pulp of sour green lemon (lime). The Beyond IVG Sour Melon Surge 30 / 100ml flavor shot longfill stands out from any other and will give you a rich aroma and amazing taste...
Brand: IVG Model: 07ivgfs
With Bubblegum you will go back several years thanks to the fruity and cool feeling of the bubble gum. A special taste of the Bubblegum IVG 120ml flavor shot longfill that you make can not resist the wonderful feeling of the bubble gum with various fruits and this cool breath that it leaves...
Brand: IVG Model: 03ivgfs
A wonderful all day Semi smoky with wonderful sweet notes and a fantastic smoky blend. Our new Butter Cookie Tobacco IVG 36 / 120ml flavor shot longfill is one of the best choices, with a relaxed tinge it combines delicious butter cookies and subtle notes of nuts on a smoky base of selected tobacco ..
Brand: IVG Model: 170522-ivgcd
Enjoyable cookie with whole pieces of authentic chocolate of another era and vanilla notes through the excellent Cookie Dough IVG flavor shot 120ml. Rich taste of vanilla and chocolate biscuit that will enchant your palate...
Brand: IVG Model: ivg-01210522
An intoxicating bubble gum aroma awaits you through the new IVG Bubblegum 10ml Refill Liquid. Rich taste and strong beat of cool mint and fruity light aftertaste are waiting for you to try it. You will find it in nicotine of your choice...
Brand: IVG Model: ivg-03210522
With a perfectly balanced and discreet taste so that the IVG Spearmint Refill Liquid 10ml does not get tired, it is waiting for you to try it. Choose your nicotine and taste a fantastic well-known bubble gum flavor with a cool mint feeling...
Brand: IVG Model: ivg-02210522
Fantastic rich summer combination with fantastic aroma the Replenishment Liquid IVG Strawberry Watermelon Chew 10ml. Juicy strawberries give a taste of flavor and bind incredibly with a fresh watermelon creating an incredible e-liquid...
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