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Brand: Diamond Labs Model: joora_1
Notes of vanilla and caramel along with selected tobaccos will keep you daily companions through Joora 1 Art Wy For flavor shot 60ml. A taste with all the elements of an authentic ry4 such as high quality tobacco but also the balanced sweet notes of caramel and vanilla...
Brand: Diamond Labs Model: joora_10
Rich taste of banana and strawberries will excite you with their beautiful taste. The fantastic Joora 10 Banana Strawberry flavor shot 60ml combines selected strawberries and bananas giving you an excellent choice with excellent taste and aroma...
Brand: Diamond Labs Model: joora_11
Berry mix with amazing aromas and rich taste and perfect balance between fruits. Joora 11 Berries Mix flavor shot 60ml is one of your favorite flavors and has selected fresh berries and forest fruits in one of the best mixes you have ever tasted...
Brand: Diamond Labs Model: joora_12
Probably the best cookie without becoming tedious ideal for the whole day The excellent Joora 12 Cookie 60ml flavor shot comes to give you an enjoyable faithful cookie with notes of vanilla and butter with perfect balance and excellent aroma...
Brand: Diamond Labs Model: joora_2
Cool melon crumb with a very rich taste and incredible aroma from the new Joora 2 Melon Mint flavor shot 60ml. A taste that is riveting for fidelity to the taste and aroma and the wonderful cool feeling...
Brand: Diamond Labs Model: joora_3
The fruit of the heart is waiting for you to enjoy it through the brand new Joora 3 Mango flavor shot 60ml. Rich taste, wonderful aroma that will enchant your delicious cups with a faithful aroma...
Brand: Diamond Labs Model: joora_4
Rich taste of tart and lemon are waiting for you in the taste temptation of the new Joora 4 Lemon cake flavor shot 60ml. Rich meringue tart dough and juicy lemons will drive you crazy through this wonderful selection that has just arrived...
Brand: Diamond Labs Model: joora_5
Watermelon with extremely rich faithful taste and aroma and wonderful hue through the brand new Joora 5 Watermelon flavor shot 60ml. Rich summer taste and aroma that will surely win you over for its fidelity...
Brand: Diamond Labs Model: joora_6
Maybe you just found your daily liquid right now through the excellent Joora 6 Classic Tobacco flavor shot 60ml. A completely relaxing Mild smoky aroma with neutral earthy notes from a fine variety of tobacco will become your favorite choice...
Brand: Diamond Labs Model: joora_7
Pipe smoke with a beautiful aroma and wonderful smoky clear complexion for you through the new and excellent Joora 7 Pipe Smoke flavor shot 60ml. Unique variety of tobacco from Syria and in combination with western blend tobacco is one of the most faithful versions of this category...
Brand: Diamond Labs Model: joora_8
This smoky scent is a choice that uniquely binds different varieties of tobacco leaves, giving you the Joora 8 Tobacco leaves flavor shot 60ml. One of the best all day vape smoking options with a unique shade of tobacco that you can enjoy all day...
Brand: Diamond Labs Model: joora_9
Rich taste with excellent aromas of fruit cereals which are waiting for you through Joora 9 Fruit Cereals 60ml flavor shot. Amazing taste, unique texture and hue that stands out...
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