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Brand: Palette Vaporworks Model: Jbox-01
A unique and incredible aroma in taste and texture comes through the Banana Milkshake Juicebox 60ml of palette vaporworks. Fantastic cream with ripe bananas in one of perhaps the best milkshakes you have tried invites you to enjoy it...
Brand: Palette Vaporworks Model: Jbox-02
Now available in packages of 60ml and 120ml one of the perfumes you loved from the first moment the Mint Lemonade Juicebox flavor shot from palette vaporworks with amazingly cool lemonade and ice and mint notes that fascinate and give you a delicious taste...
Brand: Palette Vaporworks Model: Jbox-03
A fantastic mix of forest fruits with predominant elements of berries and blueberries with ice comes through the Mixed Berries Juicebox Flavor shot Iced which you will find in 60ml and 120ml packages. Delicious berries, blueberries, cherries and strawberries, but also the strong element of ice..
Brand: Palette Vaporworks Model: Jbox-04
One of your favorite combinations in 60ml and 120ml packaging comes through the Strawberry Mint Juicebox flavor shot. Rich taste of juicy strawberries and other elements of ice and mint combine very nicely giving you a cool pleasant all day taste..
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