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La Famiglia Omerta

Brand: Omerta Model: la-omerta03
The boss of the series could not fail to meet demanding evaporators. The fantastic The Boss La Famiglia Omerta flavor shot 60ml is a premium choice with a combination of fine tobacco blend and biscuit notes of other nuts as well as fantastic caramel at the end...
Brand: Omerta Model: la-omerta01
Incredible Gourmet dessert with unique flavors are waiting for you through the fantastic The Chairman La Famiglia Omerta flavor shot 60ml. Rich mix of rice pudding flavors and cinnamon notes along with fantastic cream and brown sugar Fantastic flavor effect for demanding palates...
Brand: Omerta Model: la-omerta02
You will be pleasantly surprised by its fantastic aroma and the unique taste of The Hitman La Famiglia Omerta flavor shot 60ml. A rich mix of mocha with caramel notes and a mild smoky blend background are waiting for you to try...
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