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Late Night Diner

Brand: Halo Model: Latenight-01
A rich tasty longfill from halo. Try the Bananas Foster Pie Late Night Diner 60ml flavor shot from the new series of the American company e-liquids. Rich taste of a sweet that we will find in New Orleans with ripe bananas in a cream and delicious sweet caramel sauce that give a magical result ...
Brand: Halo Model: Latenight-02
A unique tart that you will surely love and will stand out among anything similar you have tried. The Berry Fruit Tart Late Night Diner 60ml flavor shot from this new Halo line will give you a rich delicious tart that just came out of the oven with an incredible crust of butter and sweet blueberries..
Brand: Halo Model: Latenight-03
With a taste of the authentic dessert "Pavlova with lemon cream" it comes to drive you crazy. Try the Lemon Meringue Pie Late Night Diner 60ml flavor shot with excellent gooey meringue and fantastic lemon cream in a delicious recipe will give you a rich taste and aroma...
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