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Brand: Justfog Model: Q16ffatom
With a 1.9ml tank and the new FF resistors, the Justfog Q16FF Tank Vaporizer came to give you an option so simple that you will love it for its capabilities. It has a smart replacement system from the top lid by simply rotating it while it is made of excellent materials and made for durability. It h..
Brand: Justfog Model: betterthanpod
Its impeccable finish, very small size and negligible weight make the new Justfog Better Than Pod Kit an incredible choice for you with great autonomy through a fast 420mah battery. It has a type-c usb charging port and new tanks Better Than 1.9ml with resistance of 1.0 ohm new generation with incre..
Justfog Minifit S Pod Kit (420mah 1.9ml) Justfog Minifit S Pod Kit (420mah 1.9ml)
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Brand: Justfog Model: minifit_s420
With such a minimal design and such performance, it will hardly be replaced in the market by the Justfog Minifit S Pod Kit with the new large 420mah battery and the new 1.9ml tank with its ease of use. The new Minifit S can be operated either by pressing the button or via automatic inhalation activa..
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Brand: Justfog Model: Justq16ff900
Made for maximum enjoyment and to offer a great vaporizing experience the Justfog Q16FF 900mah Starter Kit is an incredible set made to give the maximum clean taste. It has a 900mah battery and has 3 power options up to 13w (9-11- 13w) via a button for your convenience of course it charges quickly v..
Brand: Justfog Model: FFC12ohmjust
Replacement resistors for the Q16ff set and series can be found in our online store Justfog FF Coils 1.2 ohm Heads with special Flavor Focused construction (focus on taste) and excellent quality construction from the best materials on the market. Rich pure taste and steam production but also long li..
Brand: Justfog Model: c14coilsjust
Made from high quality materials and 100% organic cotton, the Justfog C14 / Q Pod / P14 / Q16 Heads are a choice for compatible models with those that will give you incredible taste and steam performance and the maximum life of the coil.THE PRICE IS PER 1 RESISTANCE..
Brand: Justfog Model: 0508fog1
The compatible and single resistors for the Fog 1 device from our store for you. Find the original Justfog Fog 1 Coils Heads with a choice in the type of resistance between 0.5ohm Dl and 0.8ohm Mtl with incredible steam production and taste and of course long life thanks to their impeccable material..
Brand: Justfog Model: minifitspods
The new Minifit S tanks with resistance of 0.8 ohm new generation have arrived in our online store and you will find the Pod Tanks Justfog Minifit S with the resistance of 0.8Ω in a package of 3 pieces and with tank 1.9ml with very easy replenishment excellent performance but also long duration of l..
Brand: Justfog Model: sparepodbetterthan
The new tank tanks with resistance 1.0Ω of new generation and capacity 1.9ml are here with us and you will find the Spare Tanks Pod Justfog Better Than in a package with 3 tanks. High quality construction long life excellent performance of taste and steam production.The Package includes 3 tanks..
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