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Omnia Mix

Brand: Omnia Model: 05omnia60
Variety of blueberries and strawberries and cherries create this unique aroma the amazing Berry Mix Omnia Microlab flavor shot 60ml. Rich flavors and aromas dominated by other berries and cherry with strawberry give a pleasant liveliness..
Brand: Omnia Model: 06omnia60ml
Delicious melted caramel on a delicious cookie awaits you from Caramel Cookie Omnia Microlab flavor shot 60ml. Rich tasty fluffy cookie with a caramel coating in such a way that it does not become tiring throughout the day. Try it...
Brand: Omnia Model: 07omnia60
A very excellent smoke with a combination of fine caramel tobacco and a little vanilla. The new De Facto Omnia Microlab flavor shot 60ml comes to give a different version of Ryan (RY4) with very carefully selected caramel and vanilla raw materials and a very refined tobacco...
Brand: Omnia Model: 02omnia60
An enjoyable semi-smoking proposal through the Ichor series. The excellent Engelados Omnia Ichor flavor shot 60ml combines very nicely a creme brulle and fantastic vanilla cream together with selected tobaccos giving a very different..
Brand: Omnia Model: 08omnia60
Excellent pipe smoke with notes and a combination of fine High quality Honey. The very beautiful smoky Hustler V2 Omnia Microlab flavor shot 60ml comes for you who are looking for premium smoky options with special notes and aromas. Excellent for the whole day without getting tired...
Brand: Omnia Model: 09omnia60
Unique smoke pipe of high quality with special aromas. Jessie Omnia Microlab flavor shot 60ml is a selection of English pipe tobacco with a special hue that will be loved by the acquaintances of this category or those who want a clear smoky aroma with beautiful earthy touches...
Brand: Omnia Model: 03omnia60ml
Excellent Bavarian caramel cream and Tobacco a recipe that stands out in fidelity and aroma The new semi-smoky Kerveros Omnia Ichor flavor shot 60ml comes to give a new proposal with a very rich and beautiful hue of tobacco along with sweet unique notes in your daily steaming...
Brand: Omnia Model: 10omnia60
The Red Cube combines two different balls of western tobacco from high quality varieties. The new Red Cube Omnia Microlab flavor shot 60ml combines the aromatic virginia tobacco with another variety of America with earthy aromas giving a very excellent tobacco set ideal for the whole day without get..
Brand: Omnia Model: 11omnia60
Creamy Smoothie with strawberry and notes of vanilla cream that stands out from each other The fantastic Smoothie Omnia Microlab flavor shot 60ml is a great different choice. Rich taste and unique aroma that drives the taste buds crazy and gives a perfect balance between the strawberries and the del..
Brand: Omnia Model: 04omnia60ml
Fantastic blend of blonde tobacco with unique touches of Butterscotch and roasted corn. Incredible semi-smoky perfume, the Talos Omnia Ichor flavor shot 60ml comes to change the data in the category with a proposal that you really have to try for its unique balance of aromas and its clear hue...
Brand: Omnia Model: 12omnia60
Tobacco Grand the authentic smoke with a blend of twisted tobacco comes through the brand new longfill Tobacco Grand Omnia Microlab flavor shot in a package for 60ml. Fantastic blend of tobacco with rich aroma together with small sweet notes of anise that make it so special for all of you...
Brand: Omnia Model: 01omnia60
A real Best seller with a fanatical audience for those who want a clear smoky aroma The Tobacco Omnia Microlab flavor shot 60ml is a proposal that you will love. With a strong element of fine smoke, it will become your all day daily liquid without getting tired...
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