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Brand: Steampunk Model: steampun-01
With the aroma of France, the new recipe of Vladimiros Stafylidis, the excellent Antoinette SteamPunk Flavor Shot 120ml, combines incredible aromas with French finesse, such as an excellent waffle with rich vanilla cream and peanut butter and an impeccable refined Mocha that really gives a magical t..
Brand: Steampunk Model: steampun-02
We know there are vapers out there who love the rich flavor of a cookie and we have brought the new Isabelle SteamPunk Flavor Shot 120ml with an excellent freshly baked butter cookie with a rich aroma and taste combined with excellent vanilla and sugar Simply unique...
Brand: Steampunk Model: steampun-03
Another excellent selection from the new series by Vladimiros Stafylidis. Try the unique Juliette SteamPunk Flavor Shot 120ml with fantastic Butterscotch caramel and together with salted caramel that harmonizes with the wonderful cream they will give you one of the best options of the kind. Enjoy...
Brand: Steampunk Model: steampun-04
With several secret ingredients from aromas, the new Marguerite SteamPunk Flavor Shot 120ml is one of the fine recipes of Vladimir Stafylidis with aromas such as fine vanilla and cream and butter give rich aromas and a wonderful unique taste that stands out...
Brand: Steampunk Model: steampun-05
It is probably the best cream you have tried in e-liquids. Try now the Marion SteamPunk Flavor Shot 120ml with amazing cream and juicy ripe strawberries that give a unique taste along with a rich aroma that stands out from all the others..
Brand: Steampunk Model: steampun-06
It will definitely give you something different from an excellent recipe that stands out. The new Simone SteamPunk Flavor Shot 120ml magically combines spirals such as orange with pineapple and tangerine giving a sweet and sour style and refreshing sensation that enchants. Try it yourself...
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