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Brand: Vdlv Model: vdlv-fs01
Fantastic variety of coffee and American tobacco will give you the Brave Vdlv Flavor Shot 60ml a aroma that you will love from the first moment A aroma that harmoniously combines coffee with tobacco and the cookie...
Brand: Vdlv Model: vdlv-fs09
If you like the taste of biscuits then you should definitely try the Cookie Vanilla Vdlv Flavor Shot 60ml fantastic biscuit and vanilla aroma that really differs from others of its kind. Enjoy...
Brand: Vdlv Model: vdlv-fs02
Do you want a smoky scent but with special touches? Then the Gourmet Vdlv Flavor Shot 60ml with an exquisite variety of tobacco and vanilla biscuit that gives a unique taste and a fantastic aroma...
Brand: Vdlv Model: vdlv-fs03
If you are looking for an excellent top quality smoky fragrance, try the new Hudson Tobacco Vdlv Flavor Shot 60ml. Fantastic variety of American blond tobacco that ties in with caramelized vanilla. Enjoy...
Brand: Vdlv Model: vdlv-fs10
Cool combination with fantastic taste and rich aroma The Kiwi Strawberry Mix Vdlv Flavor Shot 60ml will give you all the rich aroma of kiwi and strawberry and mint notes...
Brand: Vdlv Model: vdlv-fs04
From France with high quality and excellent ingredients the fantastic Lemon Pie Vdlv Flavor Shot 60ml has just arrived in our eshop store. Excellent combination of favorite flavors such as tart and lemon meringue that really give an incredibly rich flavor...
Brand: Vdlv Model: vdlv-fs05
Revolution in the new flavors of the French Vdlv. The brand new Rebel Vdlv Flavor Shot 60ml will give you a fantastic combination of excellent tobacco which cleverly combines with coconut biscuit and fine vanilla giving a truly incredible taste...
Brand: Vdlv Model: vdlv-fs06
A fantastic smoking proposal that goes beyond the ordinary. The Reserve Vdlv Flavor Shot 60ml combines for you fine tobacco with banana and rum giving an incredible tasty result...
Brand: Vdlv Model: vdlv-fs11
Rich Custard cream that embraces fresh strawberries. The Strawberry Custard Vdlv Flavor Shot 60ml will give you an excellent combination of strawberry and custard cream with rich aromas, wonderful complexion and taste...
Brand: Vdlv Model: vdlv-fs07
Distinctive sweet soft touches that make it a unique choice. The Sweet Vdlv Flavor Shot 60ml will give a fantastic feeling of soft American type tobacco combined with cereals and candy, an incredible choice...
Brand: Vdlv Model: vdlv-fs08
Indulge in the summer coolness of Watermelon Bomb Vdlv Flavor Shot 60ml a fragrance with a wonderful taste that you will love. It will give you a rich combination of watermelon along with melon and delicious frozen mint...
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