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Brand: Vgod Model: vgod-0160
One of the best Iced Mango out there in the premium and excellent Iced Mango Bomb Vgod 60ml flavor shot. Rich taste of mango slices with frozen mint will give you an enjoyable feeling that will dominate without tiring you...
Brand: Vgod Model: vgod-0260
A new premium selection that will surely stand out for its rich taste and aroma through the explosive Iced Purple Bomb Vgod flavor shot 60ml. Distinctive taste and aroma from a combination of ice and fine Concord grape juice and green grapes that give an intoxicating result...
Brand: Vgod Model: vgod-0360
Small notes of caramel and other varieties of Concord grapes and green grapes will give you the amazing Purple Bomb Vgod 60ml flavor shot. Magnificent taste and aroma with an amazing combination that really goes beyond the ordinary and you should try it...
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